Brand Haval has chosen a new color for its logo

Brand Haval has chosen a new color for its logo

March 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The brand Haval continues to rebrand: the current division of the model line into two colors has been eliminated. Laconic and strict black came to replace the red and blue colors.

The Haval brand logo will continue to be made using the new color. Recall a few years ago, the brand chose a red and blue shades. In this contrast, the automaker built a division of its lineup. The red emblem, known to fans of the brand since the “separation” of the sub-brand from the Great Wall, received a family car with a claim to luxury. The blue logo went to youth models, where the emphasis was on design, sportiness and manufacturability.

On the eve it became known that the leadership of Haval decided to abandon such a gradation, focusing on the black nameplates. The manufacturer didn’t change the emblem styles – this is all the same silver inscription Haval, only made on a different background.

 Recall that a new black emblem could be seen by visitors of the Moscow Motor Show at Crocus Expo. The updated logo flaunted on the model Haval F7. To distinguish the “youth” model of Haval from the “family” today, you can use the letters – “F” and “H”.

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