Brabham BT62 Features Revealed

Brabham BT62 Features Revealed

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company Brabham Automotive, which belongs to the son of three-time Formula 1 champion Jack Brabham David, in 2018, presented his debut project – track hypercar BT62. And now, after almost two years, she decided to tell some details about its aerodynamics. For example, the authors of the two-door are convinced that at 265 km / h it can go upside down.

When creating the Brabham BT62, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods were actively used, which made it possible to visualize the processes of air flow around a machine. The resulting data array on the computer was correlated with the data from in-kind tests, which guaranteed the accuracy of the model and confirmed the accuracy of the acquired data. This CFD model, in turn, formed the basis for further optimization of the aerodynamics of the hypercar. As a result, a body of the desired shape was developed, which directs low-pressure air around the car through the slots and creates high-pressure zones on the front and rear axles.

On the simulation, you can see that after a collision with the splitter, the air through the cooling channels of the radiators and the slots in the bumper comes out and moves to the stern, enveloping the sides of the body. In this case, a high pressure zone is created on the leading edge, which allows the vehicle to be pressed closer to the road.

The bottom of the BT62 is completely covered by composite sheets, and the center of its aerodynamic pressure is located in a place close to the static center of gravity, which makes it possible to enter turns at high speed.

An important role in ensuring maximum grip on the roadway is played by downforce. Note that the main part is created by the rear wing. The aerodynamic quality of this element is 5: 1, that is, for each newton of drag force it gives five newton of downforce.

The car is equipped with a V8 5.4 rated at 710 hp. and 667 Nm of torque. Gearbox six-step sequencer Holinger. Competition has carbon brakes and its own ABS settings.