Bosch proposed to protect electric cars with explosives

Bosch proposed to protect electric cars with explosives

October 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

German engineers are working on a new system that can protect people in an accident with an electric car.

There is an opinion around the world that in the event of an accident involving an electric car, the current from the battery can spread to the car body and cause personal injury or complicate the work of rescuers. In addition, this can lead to fire, which will exacerbate the consequences of an accident and the damage caused.

However, Bosch engineers propose to solve the problem through the use of explosives or, more precisely, small explosive packages. This will allow in the event of a traffic accident to break the cables coming from the battery packs. As a result, the car will be completely de-energized.

Explosion packages can be activated by signals from various on-board sensors – for example, from airbag sensors. The CG912 chip, previously created to control precisely the airbags, will be responsible for the operation of the system.

 Broken cables leading to the battery will eliminate the possibility of electric shock and reduce the risk of fire to batteries and the car as a whole.