Bosch and Mercedes-Benz test car sharing drones

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz test car sharing drones

January 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Bosch and Mercedes-Benz have joined forces to create a car-sharing service using unmanned vehicles.

This was reported by the press service of the manufacturers. While the service is provided on the roads of the California city of San Jose in Silicon Valley.

For safety, in the first stage, unmanned Mercedes-Benz S-Class cruise between western San Jose and the city center under the control of the driver. You can book your trip through an application developed by Daimler Mobility.

Testing tests will help further develop the autonomous control system of the SAE Level 4/5 standard, as well as integrate unmanned vehicles into the public transport and car sharing system. Preparations for the launch of the service were carried out from August to November 2019 in concert with the city authorities and public organizations of San Jose.

Interestingly, back in 2017, San Jose became the first city in the United States to attract private companies to conduct road tests of drones and analyze the operation of innovative technologies in real conditions.

For example, a 360-degree all-round panoramic viewing system, which autonomous cars possess, in conditions of busy city traffic, will help improve traffic safety, and the smoothness of UAVs can improve the traffic situation.

“We want to learn more about how autonomous vehicles can improve safety and reduce congestion, as well as make mobility more affordable. The Bosch and Mercedes-Benz project are interlinked with San Jose’s ambitious goals as a smart city and help us formulate principles for working with new technologies in the transport system of the future, “says Dolan Beckel, Director of Innovation Development, San Jose.

“Autonomous driving technology must be reliable and safe. To do this, we need to carry out tests such as in San Jose,” said Dr. Michael Fausten, Head of Engineering for Automotive Driving at Bosch.

“These are not just standalone vehicles that need to be checked for performance. Now we also need to make sure drones can become part of urban mobility,” says Dr. Uwe Keller, head of Mercedes-Benz’s autonomous driving department.

A joint project of Bosch and Mercedes-Benz to create unmanned vehicles has existed for more than two and a half years and aims to create an autonomous control system standard SAE Level 4/5. The program provides for the development of software that can be integrated into any vehicle.