Boring Company began laying a high-speed tunnel under Las Vegas

Boring Company began laying a high-speed tunnel under Las Vegas

November 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Boring Company began laying a tunnel under the Las Vegas Convention Center, which covers an area of ​​80 hectares. It is planned that the project will be completed in 2021 and will allow transporting up to 4,400 passengers per hour between three stations at a speed of 250 km / h. The trip will take about a minute. This is the fourth attempt by Elon Mask to prove the viability of his idea of ​​creating an underground transport infrastructure.

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Boring Company drilling rig began laying the first part of the tunnel at a depth of ten meters.

An innovative transport system will allow you to move around the territory of the conference center with an area of ​​80 hectares in about one minute. It will consist of three passenger stations connecting the exhibition halls with the West Hall premises, which will be built in 2021. Visitors will be transported by autonomous electric capsules based on Tesla production vehicles: up to 4400 passengers per hour at a speed of up to 250 km / h.

Two tunnels for such capsules with a length of approximately 1.6 km each will be looped, but can be further expanded towards the suburbs of Las Vegas, the international airport and the Las Vegas Strip, clusters of major casinos and hotels.

The completion of tunneling is expected in January 2021.

This is not the only project of the Boring Company, but the most actively developing today. The company’s plans to build an underground expressway that could connect the Chicago suburbs with O’Hara International Airport were jeopardized by re-election of the mayor and corruption scandals. In June, Musk said the project was still alive, but it needed to be amended. The tunnel project from Washington to Baltimore also stalled, this time due to strict engineering requirements.