Bolinger SUVs equipped with a unique cargo transportation system

Bolinger SUVs equipped with a unique cargo transportation system

June 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American startup has patented two new technologies – Frunkgate and Passthrough. They allow you to transport oversized cargo on electric SUVs B1 and B2.

For cars with internal combustion engines, the loading length is usually limited by the dimensions of the passenger compartment, which is why long loads often reach the windshield in cars. But Bollinger found a way out for its electric SUVs – the short-base B1 and the long-wheel B2. Due to design features, namely the absence of ICE and empty engine compartment, the actual length of the cargo compartment is 4 and 4.9 m, respectively.

Realizing a simple, original and elegant idea, which allows you to translate even a log if you wish, has become possible thanks to the patented solutions of Frunkgate and Passthrough. The first is a sash between the front trunk and the passenger compartment, and the name of the second alludes to through loading.

Recall that sales of electric SUVs will start next year. Both electric vehicles are equipped with environmentally friendly power plants, the total power of which is 623 hp. Power is supplied by a 120 kW / h battery. Both models will be available at a price of 125,000 US dollars in the United States.