BMW’s new system fell short of expectations

BMW’s new system fell short of expectations

November 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All new BMWs have Caring Car mode, which allows you to switch music, interior temperature and open the sunroof to invigorate or relax you.

The new BMW X7 has received special software for the infotainment complex, which includes Caring Car technology. With the help of it, BMW drivers are able to set the Vitalize or Relax modes in the car.

The choice of settings automatically adjusts the temperature in the cabin, changes the music and opens or closes windows, depending on what the driver wants. Vitalize mode lowers the air temperature and increases the fan speed, opens windows (and a sunroof, if available) and plays fun music.

Relax mode works the other way around, playing calm music, but with a constant fan speed. However, the program automatically stops after three minutes, which is probably the point at which it may no longer radiate comfort and begins.