BMW X8 will receive a line of hybrid engines

BMW X8 will receive a line of hybrid engines

October 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the spring of this year, it became known that BMW is working on the X8 SUV, but the information was limited to a patent application and some rumors.Today we have photos of the BMW X8 at our disposal.

When it comes to SUVs, it seems like automakers have absolutely no limits. Take BMW for example: there was a time when the X5 was considered a real giant, but this model has grown with each generation, and recently the full-size X7 has accidentally joined the company’s lineup. Moreover, there is obviously room for another SUV model in the Bavarian automaker’s lineup, because the BMW X8 is known to be in development.

The X8 will undoubtedly sit above the X7 in BMW’s lineup, which has a starting price of € 126,085, but there is one caveat: the X8 should be a car with a completely different approach. Rather than the spaciousness and ease of use that the seven-seater X7 owns, the newcomer needs to stand out in terms of sportiness, dynamics and possibly looks. A bit like the Audi Q8 and Q7, but only one notch higher.

Don’t be surprised if the M Performance and the real M versions are the only options available. The car spotted has a Hybrid sticker on the doors, so the X8 will not escape electrification. The obvious hybrid powertrain option is the engine, which can be found in the 545e and 745e, among others, in which the combination of a six-cylinder unit and an electric motor already produces almost 400 hp.

The appearance of the X8 is also special: the car clearly has a body less similar to the “square” silhouette of the X7, but at the same time different from the X6. The roofline is slightly sloped but still ends with a “fairly vertical” rear panel. The key feature is how far this rear section protrudes behind the rear axle.

The front features a grille that can certainly compete with the X7 grille. Its outline is already visible in photographs of the car, although the front is still quite camouflaged. Little can be said about the design of the headlights, but the bonnet, which is striking, has an unusual tapered shape.