BMW X7 gets full leather interior from Vilner

BMW X7 gets full leather interior from Vilner

January 25, 2020 1 By autotimesnews

Unhappy with the plastic surfaces of the BMW X7, the tuner completely sits down the upholstery.

The head of the eponymous tuning studio, which specializes in interior modernization, Atanas Vilner, was very dissatisfied with the interior of the new BMW X7 crossover and solved the problem, entrusting a team of specialists to develop the latest project.

“This is the hardest plastic used in any modern BMW model, located in the most obvious area. And here we have an example with the so-called “extended leather package”. In addition, the base of the seats, switch panels – this is something that your fingers will touch much more often than the top panel, right? And when they come in contact with this hard surface, you will not be very happy to remember that you spent about 120 thousand euros on the same car, ”Vilner explained his complaints about the new crossover.

Vilner’s solution is to cover most of the plastic areas with leather, including the base of the seats, the top of the dashboard and the console located in the second-row passenger space. Only on the back of the front seats is the company adding 2 square meters of leather. The tuner added a perforated X7 logo to the interior and leather, which is installed at the BMW Individual Merino Tartufo factory.

The Bavarian automaker supplies the X7 with the BMW Individual Alcantara Anthracite headliner, but that wasn’t enough for Vilner. Instead, the company used Tartufo leather for upholstery. While the rest of the interior is brown, the tuner uses a bright blue accent on seat belts. In addition, the company manufactured a special sports bag in combination of Tartufo leather with a sapphire shade.

The exterior of the BMW X7 by Vilner also shows minor changes: a set of 21-inch wheels received brown accents, and the rear lights X7 logo is displayed in the form of stickers.