BMW will withdraw 12,000 cars for a change of modernization of diesel engines

BMW will withdraw 12,000 cars for a change of modernization of diesel engines

June 22, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In connection with the ongoing diesel scandal, the Bavarian concern will have to recall about 12,000 cars. At the moment, the conversation is about models 5 and 7-Series, which do not meet modern environmental standards.

Note that in 2015, a large scandal, nicknamed Dieselgate, broke out. At that time, US authorities discovered special software in Volkswagen diesel cars. This software allowed to pass environmental tests, underestimating the level of emissions of harmful substances into the environment several times.

This time, the review was touched by the Bavarian concern BMW, who was caught up in using similar equipment that could understate performance. As is known at the moment, there were no penalties imposed on the company. But now the Bavarian concern is obliged to conduct a review of its cars of the 5- and 7-series in the number of 12,000 copies.

The Federal Automobile Agency demanded the recall of cars due to unacceptable equipment, writes Spiegel referring to representatives of the concern BMW.

It is also noted that the recall could have been conducted earlier, but the technicians had expected permission from the German government to use the new software.

At the moment preparations are being made for a recall campaign, the owners of recalled vehicles will be notified privately. Also on the website of the Federal Automobile Agency of Germany will be published a list of VIN-codes of recalled vehicles, with which it will be possible to familiarize yourself.

All work will be carried out exclusively at the expense of the manufacturer. When the review begins, it is still unknown. It is also not yet known whether the remaining models of BMW will be subject to inspections.

In the meantime, the BMW 1-Series sedan will still appear outside of China. Up to this point, the car was sold only in China, and now the model has arrived to dealers of Mexico.