BMW will stop the production of gasoline versions of the 7 Series for one year

BMW will stop the production of gasoline versions of the 7 Series for one year

March 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

While around the world the turbodiesel is associated with the greatest harm to the environment, BMW is forced to improve gasoline engines to meet new environmental standards.

The new requirements of WLTP and RDE standards for the level of harmful substances in exhaust gases will cause BMW to stop producing gasoline versions of the 7 Series in the bodies G11 and G12 for the European market. This is reported by the resource BMW Blog with reference to the representative of the German manufacturer.

This is a modification of the representative sedan 740i, 750i with a short and long base, as well as M760Li. The automaker will upgrade the exhaust gas purification system.

The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Test Procedure for Passenger Cars) has been standardized since September 2017 for all new vehicles entering the market. It determines the exact values ​​of fuel consumption. The mandatory WLTP test is supplemented by testing a new car for harmful emissions in real road conditions (RDE). Compliance with the new environmental standards of gasoline engines now requires the installation of a particle filter (OPF) in a comprehensive exhaust gas purification system.

For the same reason, BMW stops the production of the BMW M3 model of the current generation earlier than planned – in August this year.

The BMW diesel engines comply with modern WLTP and RDE standards. At the same time, the lion’s share of sales of the 7 Series in Europe falls precisely on the diesel versions 730d, 740d and 750d. In 2017, just under 30 percent of the BMW 7 Series cars sold in Germany were equipped with gasoline engines. In total, 3,540 gasoline modifications of this model were sold in Europe last year.

If the production of gasoline versions resumes next year, then it will already be BMW 7 Series cars that have passed the scheduled facelift. Its premiere is to be held in the second half of this year, and sales will begin as early as 2019.