BMW will not refuse to produce sedans

BMW will not refuse to produce sedans

April 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Contrary to the worldwide fashion for cross-country, the German corporation BMW intends to continue to produce sedans, as they are in steady demand.

As the brand’s chief designer Domagoy Dukeč said in a conversation with Autoblog correspondents, despite the increasing popularity of crosses, the German automaker does not plan to abandon the production of sedans, and for this reason. BMW, which due to the X6 model is considered the pioneer of the cross-coupe genre, is going to continue to develop the range of sedans in the future.

For the sake of persuasiveness, the designer drew parallels with contemporary architecture, comparing cross-country with simple houses, and sedans with a more refined dwelling.

 If the former have a kitchen and a living room combined in one zone, the latter have separate rooms, each of which has its own purpose.

As noted by Duquech, in the PRC and a number of other countries, preference is given precisely to “elegant housing, rather than to an“ ordinary house ”- in other words, they value sedans having a separate salon and luggage compartment. Residents of the United States and Europe, on the contrary, opt for the practicality that cross-country provides.