BMW will not build a pickup. And that’s why

BMW will not build a pickup. And that’s why

October 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

To pickup BMW was a typical BMW, you need a special chassis, but even this does not solve all the problems.

You did not believe that Mercedes-Benz will pickup? And here he is in front of us – Mercedes-Benz X-class. Now it’s time not to believe that BMW will do the pickup with a double cab.

About pickups BMW and that prevents them from appearing even in the plans, not to mention sales, said a member of the board of directors of BMW Klaus Frolich. The manager had to be frank with the Australian edition of Caradvice, in whose homeland pickups are insanely popular.

Theoretically, if we assume that in the creation of a pickup truck, BMW can take advantage of the development of its partner in the Supra and Z4 project, Toyota, and simply redesign the Hilux pickup, equipping it with premium options and so on. Along this path went to the company Mercedes-Benz, turning the Nissan Navara in the X-class.

Klaus Frolic sweeps away this path of development of the BMW model range. In the case of the Supra / Z4 project, BMW was the senior partner, and the Z4 turned out to be a real Bavarian. In the opinion of the top manager, the classic frame pickup platform for a BMW car is no good due to the peculiarities of the “walk”. Perhaps, to preserve controllability, the bearing body would fit, but then the pickup would not be a full-fledged truck. That is a compromise in this matter does not exist. Klaus Frolic says bluntly – nothing BMW is available for creating a pickup truck.

In addition, Floric notes the low demand for pick-ups of premium brands: everyone needs pick-ups of the middle price category, and premium expensive pick-ups are not selling well.

“There is no market potential for a BMW pickup,” says Frolic. – If all over the world, Mercedes-Benz sells less than 4,000 pieces of X-class pickups per month, then there is no market there. I see no evidence that we can make a good offer on the pickup market. ”