BMW will no longer work on the 2 Series Convertible

BMW will no longer work on the 2 Series Convertible

June 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

We want to note that to date, the BMW 2 Series Convertible is the most affordable open top car that offers the Bavarian brand. The initial equipment of this car received a starting price tag of 40 750 dollars. However, it seems that the model still want to be excluded from the family.

At the moment there is no official data on whether the management of the German automaker plans to actually remove the BMW 2 Series convertible from its model range. But according to the information of the foreign publication Bimmertoday, whose journalists allegedly spoke personally with representatives of BMW, the next generation of the car will not be accurately represented. It is reported that the model can be replaced with a cabriolet of the 4th series, and a 2-seat roadster Z4.

Despite rumors of the imminent “demise” of the cabrio, the BMW 2-Series in the back of the coupe is expected to continue its existence in the rear-wheel drive configuration. This will make this car a little strange – after all, the big coupe 2-Series Gran Coupe and 2-Series Active Tourer / Gran Tourer will be front-wheel drive.

So far, there is no exact data about when the updated family of 2-Series will be presented. There is evidence that this may happen in 2020, but some sources claim that the novelties did not appear before 2022.

Finally, we want to note that the current level of sales of the BMW 2-Series in the body of a convertible and a coupe is relatively small.

Recently, BMW unveiled a serial version of the new generation of Z4 Roadser unveiled before the presentation.