BMW will no longer produce the 7-Series sedan in the performance of the M760Li

BMW will no longer produce the 7-Series sedan in the performance of the M760Li

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian BMW brand abandoned the production of the 7-Series executive sedan in the extended version of the M760Li and the powerful V12 under the hood.

Almost a month after the presentation of the updated version of the full-size BMW 7-Series sedan, the Bavarian brand BMW is ready to begin production of its new items in its flagship version M760Li at the factory in Dingolfing in Germany. The luxury car was produced at this enterprise since 1977, and at the moment nearly two million copies have rolled off the assembly line.

It turns out that 80% of the clients of the brand, who prefer the luxurious BMW 7-Series, spend additional funds to purchase the “stretched” version of the model, which increases the distance between the axles by 14 centimeters for additional space in the cabin.

The presentation of the updated BMW 7-Series sedan took place less than four years after the presentation of the current generation of the model (G11 / 12). This generation may be the last one where the V12 engine and the giant grille were used at the same time. According to rumors, the “seven” will lose V12, so the M760Li will no longer exist – so this is the farewell version of the M760Li. Insiders report that even models with V8 engines will be discontinued.

In addition to the usual versions of a representative sedan, BMW will present a hybrid version with a row “six”, which will be designated as 745e and 745Le for a long base. This is actually the first PHEV of the brand with a six-cylinder engine, it offers a combined power of 394 hp. The battery, whose production is set up a few miles from the main plant, has a capacity sufficient to provide the car with energy for 58 kilometers purely in electric mode.

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