BMW will massively print parts on a 3D printer

BMW will massively print parts on a 3D printer

April 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the press service, the company reports that 3D printing will be used to produce the hybrid sport car i8 Roadster, and the company is going to use this technology to manufacture more than several thousand not only plastic but also metal parts. Investments in infrastructure for the development of 3D printing technologies cost BMW 12.3 million US dollars, the production center will be located in the north of Munich.

According to Jens Ertel, who has been appointed head of the center for the development of the 3D printing center, BMW intends to integrate the technologies closer into the chain, which will simplify production cycles and facilitate the creation of special versions of various models for different states.

BMW is not the first to pay close attention to this technology. In 2015, the company invested in a start-up Carbon, specializing in the production of quality parts for the technology of digital light synthesis. Last year, the Bavarians bought the startup Desktop Metal, which specialized in the production of metal components, as well as the company Xometry.

Last year, Ford announced the development of its 3D technologies. Americans reported that their 3D-printer was created taking into account the developments of the leading American aircraft manufacturer Boeing, thanks to which it was possible to significantly increase the size of the manufactured parts.

Mercedes-Benz last year also decided to master 3D printing, and began to produce thermostat covers for old trucks.