BMW will develop a new eight-cylinder engine

BMW will develop a new eight-cylinder engine

September 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

BMW plans to develop the current line of eight-cylinder petrol engines N63 / S63, reports the BMWBlog portal, citing its own sources. A new version of the unit under the name S68 will retain the V-shaped layout and two turbines, but may differ in reduced displacement and the presence of an electric “add-on”.

Sources believe that the new V8 will be designed with an eye to work in tandem with an electric motor. The hybrid component will allow the high-performance unit to fit into strict environmental standards. In addition, BMW plans to reduce the working volume from the current 4.4 liters, since the Chinese regulatory authorities tax owners of cars with engines of more than four liters.

There are no other technical details about the new engine: the debut of the power plant can take place in two to three years on the BMW M5 sedan of the limited CS series. Probably, by this time, the BMW M-versions will be electrified and will receive a rechargeable hybrid powerplant or a moderately hybrid configuration. More information about the CS version should appear after the debut of the restyled version of the BMW M5 Competition – the premiere is scheduled for 2020.

The possible development of the new V8 by BMW is contrary to recent statements by other concerns of the big “German three”. A week ago, Daimler announced the suspension of a program dealing with internal combustion engines, and a year ago Volkswagen told Volkswagen to stop working on powertrains using traditional fuels.