BMW will continue to produce cars with V12 engine

BMW will continue to produce cars with V12 engine

April 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As more and more automakers are abandoning larger V12 engines in favor of more efficient powertrains, the days of the flagship BMW 7 Series BMW seemed to be numbered. But obviously, it’s not that simple.

Head of BMW engine development, Michael Beyer, said the company will support the release of the 7 Series with the V12 engine for at least another four years. It turned out that the demand for the M760Li model exceeds the company’s expectations, especially with regard to the markets of the Middle East and China.

Despite the fact that in China the engines of such volumes are subject to huge taxes, local customers who have found the opportunity to purchase the latest 7 Series, prefer to pay in full, and choose only the maximum version.

Moreover, BMW states that the company has the ability to make the V12 meet even more stringent environmental requirements after 2023, although it will be “extremely difficult.” In the end, the newest M760Li after the introduction of new environmental standards lost 25 horsepower – now engine power has dropped from 602 to 577 horsepower.