BMW will build a new plant for the production of electric cars

BMW will build a new plant for the production of electric cars

November 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The enterprise should earn money in 2022. Also, BMW noted that by this period at each factory the brands will produce at least one electric car.

BMW has shared its production plans for the future. So, by 2022 a new enterprise should be built in Munich – 400 million euros will be allocated for this purpose. This plant will become the most innovative – at its facilities they will establish the production of BMW electric cars on a completely new platform, which will debut in the mid-20s of this century.

Note that the construction of the plant is being carried out at the site where ICE production is currently underway. Thus, the assembly of classic motors will be transferred to Austria and the UK. Also, BMW representatives revealed some details about the production of other electric cars – for example, in 2021 the production of serial BMW i4 and iX will begin.

This will happen at factories in Munich and Dingolfing. The Dingolfing plant will be at the forefront of the production of electric cars at the moment – it will also assemble electric sedans of the 5 and 7 series.

The most interesting information came about the plant in Leipzig. By 2023, it plans to begin assembling the successor to the MINI Countryman at its facilities.
The statement noted that the iconic BMW i3 is being assembled at the Leipzig plant since 2013. All of this suggests that the i3 could give way to the successor to the MINI Countryman.

Meanwhile, the German company BMW will offer its customers a subscription to a built-in radar detector. This option will be available for 2021 model year vehicles. Initially, the trial period will be free, and then you will have to pay for a subscription.