BMW unveils updated wagon M3 CS Touring?

BMW unveils updated wagon M3 CS Touring?

December 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the SEMA 2019 tuning exhibition, the home-made BMW M3 CS Touring (station wagon) was presented. The creator of this project bought a broken F80 M3 CS and installed parts from there on the F81 3-Series station wagon.

In any industry (in particular, the automobile), customers were always the main ones, and only they determined which cars would be in demand and which would not. Although there are exceptions, take the Bavarian BMW brand leadership for example, they decided that the company would no longer produce the high-performance M3 station wagon, but it was a pity that many people liked this car.

Fortunately, one ardent fan of the automaker decided to independently build the M3 station wagon of our dreams, and we must give him his due, the car turned out to be very cool.

I must say that the “charged” BMW M3 in the back of the F3 was a somewhat controversial car, the car was first shown back in 2014, and its mass production ended in 2019. Many noted not the best handling, as well as a very high price tag. However, in addition to the flaws, the F80 M3 was the most powerful M3 ever created. Maybe if BMW presented us with the same car, but performed by a station wagon, the F80 would be much better?

 It’s funny, but when it comes to high-performance cars, it is the version of a particular similar model in the station wagon body that almost always gets better. So, the BMW M3 CS wagon, this version of the car was traditionally supposed to be designated Touring, was presented at the Eventuri booth during the SEMA 2019 tuning exhibition.

 The latest generation of the 3-series station wagon from BMW was known under the F81 index. Sander – that is the name of the creator of this M3 Wagon, had a simple idea for his project – he bought a broken M3 CS in the back of the F80 and equipped the F81 3-Series. The M3 CS boasts 453 horsepower.

 The BMW F81 van with exterior and interior is stunning. The aggressive front end and extended wings look very stylish. And yes, I really want this car to continue to be a manufacturer of a Bavarian brand.