BMW unveils M Performance details for new crossovers

BMW unveils M Performance details for new crossovers

October 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW X5 M, X6, X6 M and X7M SUVs have received the M Performance update package.

After BMW’s compact crossovers acquired an updated M Performance trim, BMW turned its attention to larger SUVs, developing a series of add-ons to give them a sporty feel. For the X5 M, X6 and X6 M, the Bavarians came up with handcrafted carbon fiber body parts with glossy finishes for a greater visual effect.

Carbon fiber is present almost everywhere, from the front grille to the rear diffuser, and even the side sill inserts are also made of carbon fiber. The rear can also be complemented with glossy black fins, complemented by a roof spoiler labeled M Performance.

For its X6, BMW will be more than happy to provide matte black film combined with a gray stripe and the M Performance brand name. An even larger X7 SUV can be obtained with a glossy black lettering on the rear so everyone knows that you are driving something more special than a regular luxury version of the car. The company’s flagship SUV also has carbon-fiber side mirrors that give the X7 a sporty look.

For an additional fee, the regular X6 can be equipped with M Performance brakes from the full-sized X6 M with larger ventilated and perforated discs connected to red calipers. All four SUVs can be equipped with various alloy wheels of 21 inches for the winter kit and 22 inches for the summer. LED projectors that show the M logo on the ground when you open the door complete the changes on the outside.