BMW unveils i Interaction EASE at CES 2020

BMW unveils i Interaction EASE at CES 2020

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW is visualizing an autonomous future by introducing the i Interaction EASE concept at CES, alluding to the X7-based Mercedes-Maybach GLS Rival.

The concept, created in conjunction with Designworks, has an “abstract” appearance, because the company wants visitors to focus on the cabin, which was designed to “give passengers the feeling that they have already arrived at their destination while still on the way.”

This is a big marketing hyperbole, but the concept uses a completely new look detection system. System monitors track passengers and then use artificial intelligence to process “acoustic and visual information received from various sensors and interpret it according to the driving situation, time, location and vehicle signals”.

The system then uses this data to provide relevant information about what you are viewing. For example, the system may receive information about the restaurant you are looking at. This information may be displayed on the windshield, as the entire surface acts as a panoramic display.

Speaking of the latter, the panoramic display has an augmented reality user interface with three different modes. The study mode uses a gaze detection system and overlay information about what passengers are looking at. Entertain mode is for watching movies, and Ease mode is for providing a calm and relaxing environment and puts the seats in a “zero gravity” position, which, according to BMW, gives the passenger a sense of soaring in the air.

While technology seems futuristic, BMW has confirmed that some i Interaction EASE features will be launched on iNEXT. The automaker did not go into details, but said that in 2021 the model will come out with 5G connectivity. BMW is especially proud of this because it believes that the model will be the first luxury car with 5G.

X7 ZeroG Lounger

Speaking of things coming into mass production, BMW showed off the X7 with a ZeroG deck chair. The seat is equipped with a built-in footrest and can recline by 60%. In addition, the X7 also received a hinged screen that can show entertainment programs, as well as information about the direction of movement. The model also has a unique center console with a wireless charger integrated in the cover. This does not sound extremely exciting, but BMW noted that the cover design allows you to view the smartphone’s display “effortlessly in any of the ZeroG Lounger seats, sitting or lying down.”

In the front seat, the ZeroG Lounger has an integrated seat belt and a cocoon airbag. BMW says this allows the seat to meet all necessary safety standards. ZeroG Lounger seats will be offered in production models in a few years, and it is not surprising if we see them in the rumored ultra-luxurious X7. The model is designed to compete with the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and should have a four-seater saloon.

i3 Urban Suite

In addition to the aforementioned cars, BMW has created a fleet of 20 i3 cars with a “boutique hotel atmosphere”. Known as the i3 Urban Suite, the model has a unique interior that has been completely converted to carry the driver’s seat and dashboard.

As part of the conversion, the rear seat has been replaced with a deck chair with a suitable footrest. The seat is also equipped with a sound zone integrated in the headrest and “simulating the effect of acoustically enclosed space”. BMW says this technology allows passengers to make phone calls that cannot be heard by the driver.

In addition to the unique seat, the i3 Urban Suite has a wooden table and a small lamp. The model is also equipped with a clothes hanger, a large storage tray, a pair of thermoelectric cup holders, as well as Amazon Fire TV and 110-volt charging sockets.