BMW told about the updated engine car M4 DTM

BMW told about the updated engine car M4 DTM

April 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

BMW is preparing to present its new DTM racing engine, called the P48, at the Hockenheimring race. The P48 will be installed on a BMW M4 DTM racing car.

Back in 1969, the BMW team won the European car championship in a 2002ti car. Now, the engineers of the Bavarian brand decided to compare the engines of both machines with each other in order to show what has changed in 50 years.

At first glance, the engines have a lot in common. Both are 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engines. Nevertheless, according to the guys from BMW, the new engine produces about twice as much horsepower with a much better fuel economy and overall reliability.

 The 2002 racing engine, known under the code code M121, produced a whopping 280 horsepower at 6500 rpm. These were amazing numbers for 1969, and even today it is comparable to many production cars.

P48 produces more than 600 horsepower and can “spin” up to 9500 rpm.

The water pump of this motor moves more than 4,750 liters of water per hour – this is enough to fill an ordinary bath in just 20 seconds. The turbocharger forcibly supplies 0.396436 cubic meters of air per second to the engine, which is 3,500 times the amount that an average person needs to breathe. The engine consists of more than 2000 separate parts. If you printed out the drawings, you would be able to cover the floor of the apartment with an area of ​​74.32 square meters.

We look forward to the start of this year’s DTM racing season to see what this engine can do on the track.