BMW to launch new Mini Countryman in-house

BMW to launch new Mini Countryman in-house

October 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The VDL Nedcar plant in the Netherlands will continue to produce the current generation model.

Since 2016, the Mini Countryman has been produced at VDL Nedcar’s plant in the Netherlands. This third-party car assembly plant has been manufacturing several car brands since 1967 such as DAF, Volvo, Smart, Mitsubishi and Mini. Working in two shifts, the plant is capable of producing up to 200,000 vehicles per year.

However, one car brand will refuse to cooperate with the enterprise as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. According to VDL Nedcar, BMW, Mini’s parent company, has not made a deal for the next generation of the Countryman.

“VDL Nedcar will not receive a follow-up order for a new Mini Countryman from the BMW Group in the long term. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and devastating events, BMW has decided to independently produce the successor to the current Mini Countryman, ” – the Dutch company said in a statement.

With that said, expect the second-generation successor to the Countryman to be produced by BMW itself. It should be noted that the model received a mid-cycle update this year, so the next generation should be out in a few years.

In addition to the VDL Nedcar, the Countryman is also produced in BMW’s international assembly plants in India, Malaysia and Indonesia. With the exit from VDL Nedcar and the subsequent transition to Countryman production in-house, all versions of the crossover will be produced by BMW itself, and not by third-party enterprises.

The Bavarian company also stated that “the quality, delivery reliability and competitiveness of the VDL Nedcar were not the basis for this decision.”