BMW to electrify its range

BMW to electrify its range

March 31, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

Concern BMW intends to transform its strategy of focusing on improving existing lineup by eliminating the creation of innovative models. A direct consequence of this will be, for example, a pause in the development of sub-brand “i”.

Bavarian group will prefer to invest in what is already in the BMW are instead risking the issue of new unusual models. As the head of the group Harald Kruger sad to Bloomberg, the company intends to emphasize the more traditional vehicles – those that have already proven their profitability. Participation in the same race electric technologies Bavarians demonstrate using this electrifying lineup.

According to Kruger, the development of electric vehicles – a marathon, not a sprint race, so in this situation you can not rush. Accordingly, the new model of green sub-brand “i” delayed until at least 2021. Around the same time, BMW is going to present its first autonomous model called iNext.

Meanwhile, many manufacturers are doing just the opposite, investing heavily in the creation of original electric vehicles. This applies, for example, the company’s Mercedes-Benz, is going to spend on the development of electric vehicles up to 8 billion euros per year and produce electric sub-brand under EQ at least ten models. Volkswagen Group has developed a series of electric vehicles for a particular platform, a total number of electric group, which will appear at the world under different names, can achieve three dozen.

As for the prospects of the electric market, estimated research firm IHS Automotive, until 2025 sale of various hybrids and electric cars may amount to 8% of the world car market, or about 7.7 million units per year.