BMW thinks that internal combustion engines will leave the market in 30 years

BMW thinks that internal combustion engines will leave the market in 30 years

June 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Klaus Fröhlich, who is the chief engineer of BMW, told us about the future of the internal combustion engines in the modern automobile industry.

As part of the ongoing event in Munich #NextGen, the official representative of the Bavarian automaker shared his views on the future of classic internal combustion engines. I must say that this issue has recently become very topical – now there are almost no automakers who have not submitted either a fully electric model or a hybrid one. In the latter combined classic ICE and electric motor, as well as rechargeable battery.

 As part of his interview last year, Michael Yost, who is the head of the strategic development department of the German brand VW, said that the latest generation of gasoline and diesel engines of the company will be released in 2026. According to him, in some regions of the world classic ICE will remain in demand after 2050.

Well, Klaus Fröhlich from BMW believes that diesel engines will cease to exist altogether after 20 years, as for their gasoline counterparts, then the forecast of the company’s engineer gives 30 years.

 He also commented on the situation with electric vehicles and in those markets where there are very bad conditions for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models. Russia is one of these countries – the internal combustion engines may stay here for another 15 years.

 BMW is already planning to gradually abandon diesel engines – a decision has already been made to eliminate the 3-cylinder engine of 1.5 liters. The fact is that it is too expensive to adapt it to modern eco-norms. The V12 petrol engine will also cease to exist soon.

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