BMW tests electric version of BMW 3 Series

BMW tests electric version of BMW 3 Series

January 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

These pictures were taken in Germany, but they can see the car, which will be sold only in China. Thanks to Andreas Mau of Carpix, we can see the new version of the BMW 3 Series electric drive, also known as the G20.

First of all, the car does not have exhaust pipes. The front camouflage also hides the fact that the grille seems to be closed since there is no need to cool the unit. Last but not least, it uses the LWB chassis, which is offered exclusively to Chinese customers.

According to Mau, the most obvious is that the electric series 3 will only be for China. It is worth considering that the EV 3 series will compete with the Tesla Model 3, which is already being produced in Shanghai. If BMW wants Chinese customers to consider its sedan as a purchase, they must provide it with a respectable assortment.

This advantage can be used not only in China, but also in the USA and Europe. Many BMW loyal customers in these places would probably prefer a BMW 3 Series than a Model 3 – especially if they want to switch to electric.