BMW taught cars to open from a discharged smartphone

BMW taught cars to open from a discharged smartphone

November 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

BMW has improved the unlock function of the central car lock using a regular smartphone. Now you can open the car even with a discharged gadget. The second generation of a digital key is capable of this.

Electronic keys to open the car from a smartphone will become even smarter. So, in the BMW company “taught” this function to open locks with the help of a discharged gadget. This system, as before, uses the NFC (Near Field Communication) protocol, but now it can be installed not only on smartphones, but also on today’s smart watches. And the main innovation here is a special security chip that can read a digital key even from a switched off phone with a dead battery.

You can start the motor if you place a device with NFC and a special application, for example, on a wireless charging pad. Also, BMW car owners can now send the digital key to five people, for example, relatives or friends, so that they can use the car.

 In the future, the brand plans to carry out another upgrade of this system, after which the BMW digital key will begin to work under the UWB 3.0 protocol (Ultra-Wide Band). This means that the car owner can open the car and start the engine without removing the smartphone from his pocket. Currently, the NFC gadget has to be brought to the doorknob.

Meanwhile, the DS 7 Crossback crossovers “taught” to monitor driver fatigue using special cameras. Since 2022, all new cars in the EU will be equipped with such systems.