BMW showed the eDrive01 transmission for Formula E Racer cars

BMW showed the eDrive01 transmission for Formula E Racer cars

December 11, 2018 2 By autotimesnews

Already at the end of the week, the new season of Formula E Racer races in Saudi Arabia begins. The Bavarian concern BMW will also present their cars, and showed a new eDrive01 transmission for the Formula E Racer cars.

On December 15, the fifth season of Formula E Racer racing starts. At this time, recorded the maximum number of participants. Moreover, the Bavarian concern BMW will take part in the competition for the first time, and as an announcement it showed its own car and a new electric transmission. BMW i Andretti decided to reveal several details of their own car and its transmission.

In Formula E Racer, participants are required to use the same batteries on all sports cars, but they are allowed to install their own transmission. BMW claims that work on its unit began in early 2017 in parallel with the development of a new generation of BMW i series drives. By the middle of this year, the first transmission concepts were ready. The mating of the transmission to the chassis began in 2018.

 The transmission is called Racing eDrive01 and includes an electric motor, cooling system and inverter. The engine is housed in an aluminum housing, and the use of materials with high thermal conductivity will provide the optimum engine temperature. The McLaren battery is used as a power source for 52 kW * hours, which can be charged in 45 minutes.

Unfortunately, BMW has not yet revealed the technical and dynamic characteristics. Racers Antonio Felix da Costa and Alexander Sims will become race car pilots.