BMW showed on video the new BMW iX

BMW showed on video the new BMW iX

January 13, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The video of the new BMW iX was shown at the virtual exhibition CES 2021.

The new BMW iX electric car was shown in a joke video at CES 2021, where, in addition, the company presented a new version of the BMW iDrive. It is worth noting that it is not often possible to see the manufacturer “offend” its classic models in its advertising video, but in 2021 everything becomes possible.

The video published shows the confrontation between two cars: the old BMW 760i and the newest electric BMW iX. It is worth mentioning that the cars “come to life” and conduct a dialogue, the main theme of which was the superiority of electrification over classic internal combustion engines, as well as a more advanced multimedia system and constant connection to the network.

The video ends with a small race of the two cars followed by a reconciliation. It is noteworthy that the legendary “seven” in this video takes the place of the old grumbler, and the newest electric car becomes a cocky youth. Apparently, BMW marketers have yet to work on their sense of humor.