BMW showed off its electric wingsuit

BMW showed off its electric wingsuit

November 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW and Designworks have teamed up to develop a unique electric air transport – the wingsuit.

Designed for higher speeds and longer flight times, the electric wingsuit features two carbon fiber impellers, each powered by a 10-horsepower electric motor. The impellers rotate at about 25,000 rpm and can run for about five minutes. They are battery powered and the entire system is on the front of the wingsuit.

This project took three years to develop and the Austrian base jumper and parachutist Peter Salzmann played an important role in the design. It is worth mentioning that Saltzman recently flew with an electric wingsuit, after which he said that the maximum speed of this vehicle exceeds 300 km / h.

During the tests, the Austrian and two other testers with standard wingsuits in a helicopter climbed to an altitude of 3000 meters and then jumped off. BMW notes that the electric wingsuit allowed Salzman to accelerate faster than his colleagues.

This electric wingsuit was unveiled at BMW’s #NEXTGen event, which will also debut the German company’s new electric vehicle, iNext. The presentation of the electric cross-country should take place on November 11 this year.