BMW showed an updated 4 Series coupe without front license plate

BMW showed an updated 4 Series coupe without front license plate

June 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The press office of the BMW representative office in the United States published a photo of the updated 4 Series coupe, which does not have a license plate on the huge false radiator grille.

Since the official presentation of the BMW 4 Series 2021 model year, the most talked about elements of its updated design has been a huge false radiator grille. Someone likes the big “nostrils” of the Bavarian novelty, and someone considers them too “bloated”. As the saying goes, this is a matter of taste and the debate about design is, after all, not the smartest thing.

But still, the Bavarian brand decided to discuss another important part of the false radiator grille of its updated coupe – the issue is in the license plate, and more precisely in the question of whether the presence of this plate affects the look of these very branded “nostrils.” Those drivers who will move around the European countries on the new version of the prestigious car will be obliged to “attach” a number plate to the grill and the question is closed to them once and for all.

In the USA, however, 19 states do not currently require front license plates in automobiles. The state of Ohio will be the 20th state to take this decision on July 1.

If you are in these states, you have a chance to look at the updated Quartet in a new way. Today, June 13, the press office of the BMW Office in the United States released the official images of the BMW 4 Series 2021 on its website. The car does not have a license plate in front – that is, its “nostrils” are fully open.

The upcoming section also lists upcoming body color options that include Arctic Race metallic, Tanzanite Blue II metallic, Dravit Gray metallic, Portimao Blue metallic, metallic white metallic, metallic black sapphire and Alpine white. Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new BMW 4 Series will receive black bumpers as standard.

Some artist presented what the basic version of the Bavarian new generation BMW 4 Series coupe might look like.