BMW showed a new virtual instrument panel and iDrive

BMW showed a new virtual instrument panel and iDrive

April 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

BMW at the special event Digital Day introduced the next generation of iDrive infotainment system and an updated version of the digital instrument panel. According to preliminary information, the first will receive a new BMW X5 (G05), the premiere of which is scheduled for this year.

On the central display of the system running under proprietary OS 7.0, up to 10 separate customizable pages with four widgets can be displayed. They provide access to frequently used functions, such as navigation or music.

The system is capable of displaying the necessary information depending on the onset of an event or location. For example, the screen will display the parking map when you approach the end point of the route. You can control the functions of the car with the help of the rotary controller, voice, gestures and touchscreen.

The scale of the instruments on the 12.3-inch virtual instrument panel now resembles a radiator grille. On the left is the speedometer, to the right – a tachometer and a fuel gauge. In addition, it has a place for duplicating navigation system prompts and displaying individual content.

Depending on the selected driving mode, the color scheme of the instrument panel changes, as well as its design. In sport mode the main color turns red and the indicator of longitudinal and transverse accelerations appears.

In addition, BMW announced its readiness to introduce into the cars the standard of communication 5G, which should be earned in 2018. Above the systems supporting this standard, the company has been working with Audi and Daimler for the past two years.