BMW showed 2022 sports car M4 GT3 in the photo

BMW showed 2022 sports car M4 GT3 in the photo

December 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Only recently spy photos of the serial BMW M4 coupe appeared on the Web, and the company instantly reacted by releasing a teaser for the track model. It will replace the M6 ​​GT3, produced since 2016.

According to the press service of the Bavarian company BMW, the platform of the new BMW M4 coupe was ideal for the development of a new sports car. A future model called the M4 GT3 may appear as early as 2022. It will replace the current M6 GT3 sports car, which has won many victories since 2016, including the 24-hour Spa Francorchamps and the FIA ​​GT World Cup in Macau.

 Unfortunately, the company has not yet begun to disclose most of the details. Although she said that the car has already been developed for several months, and in 2022 the automaker will proceed to active tests on tracks around the world.

 BMW M CEO Markus Flash said: “It’s logical that the future sports car will be based on the next generation BMW M4. “We are already setting new standards for sports performance for production cars, so it makes sense to introduce the new GT3 sports car on this platform.”

 On the presented teaser, we can consider an expanded body, a ventilated hood, a characteristic radiator grill, aerodynamic mirror housings, as well as a roll cage in the cabin and a large rear spoiler.

Another highlight of the new teaser was information about the serial civilian version of the BMW M4. The press service revealed the characteristics of the engine: a 3.0-liter biturbo engine with power up to 500 hp.