BMW says autonomous cars are hard to make beautiful

BMW says autonomous cars are hard to make beautiful

April 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The chief designer of the Bavarian brand told reporters why it would be very difficult to make future models of the company, which will receive autonomous management capabilities, attractive from a design point of view.

For over 100 years, designers have been “playing” with the same basic building blocks – an internal combustion engine, federal safety rules, sufficient comfort and style. It is from these components that the overall car design is built.

But this concept is changing as new technologies violate traditional automotive design, and automakers such as BMW are facing new challenges. As part of his recent interview, BMW chief designer Domagoy Dukeč talks about the problems designers face when developing autonomous cars.

 Duquech told the publication that autonomous driving technologies have a “greater impact” on the entire design process of the design of such vehicles.

Even the appearance for electric vehicles is much easier to create. The integration of the necessary hardware necessary for the functioning of autonomous vehicles, especially those that offer autonomous driving levels of 4 levels and above, is a rather difficult task. The higher the level of autonomy, the more sensors the machine requires for safe operation of the autopilot.

 The Bavarian automaker’s chief designer has questioned whether consumers will compromise on design for stand-alone or near-stand-alone systems. “People spend $ 100,000 on a well-designed car without problems, but will they pay the same amount for a less attractive model that offers autonomous driving?” Said Mr. Duquech.

 The BMW iNext electric crossover, which will become the technical flagship for the automaker, will offer Level 3 semi-autonomous driving technology. Designers can easily hide the necessary equipment in its false radiator grill and body panels, but when the number of sensors will increase at times – this requires “autopilot” level 4, everything becomes much more complicated.