BMW reveals its secrets of perfect drift

BMW reveals its secrets of perfect drift

June 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video appeared on the Internet in which the BMW M instructor shows and tells all the secrets of a perfect drift.

While most of the latest BMW news has been focused on some dubious design decisions – it’s about the unrealistic sizes of a false radiator grille on some models, let’s remember that the performance-oriented BMW M has been on the rise lately. Powerful sports brand cars have always been created in such a way as to give the driver an indescribable driving experience.

It is in this episode of BMW Today that we will see how the neon green BMW M4, driven by Ede Weichretter, who is a BMW M driving instructor, does what he can do best: drive the car into a controlled skid and … eat donuts.

How to learn to drift correctly? In addition to the fact that you need to train a lot, we are reminded of the importance of a proper fit in the passenger compartment for complete control of the brakes and accelerator pedal. In addition, you must have the correct position of the hands – as taught in a driving school – hands for 9 and 3 hours, as Mr. Weichretter assures, it is this arrangement that provides complete control over the drift angle, and also makes it easy to quickly scroll the wheel in the right direction. Then the most important part, which the instructor focused on, concerns the place where you need to train drifting – these should be specially reserved for this place.

Mr. Weichretter also noted that in order to easily let the car into a controlled drift, the driver needs to understand his car and know its features.