BMW revealed the stuffing of the electric X5

BMW revealed the stuffing of the electric X5

March 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In 2019, BMW introduced a prototype hydrogen electric car based on the X5 crossover, and promised that in 2022 it would launch its release. Now the time has come for a story about the most important thing in this car – its special filling.

The technical base for the BMW X5 powerplant was the same electric drive that is used in the upcoming iX3 electric crossover. The car was equipped with an electric motor, a battery, a voltage inverter, an electrochemical generator (in fact, a fuel cell) and two tanks that contain 6 kg of hydrogen. Hydrogen reacts with oxygen, as a result of which the necessary energy is generated, while the converter controls the flows from the generator, battery and energy recovery system during braking. The only exhaust that comes from the car is water vapor.

The peak return of such an installation is –374 hp. (275 kW), but the fuel cell system itself produces up to 170 hp as a result of a chemical reaction. (125 kW). To replenish the tanks of such a BMW X5 with hydrogen, it takes 3-4 minutes.

The Bavarians confirmed that in 2022 the release of the new product will begin, however, the circulation will be small, as long as hydrogen remains an expensive type of fuel, and the necessary refueling infrastructure is in a poorly developed state. BMW expects to introduce full-fledged production of fuel cell vehicles only in the second half of the next decade.