BMW registered trademarks M7 and M9

BMW registered trademarks M7 and M9

August 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This is not the first time BMW has used such a trademark – the last time was in 2017. This, however, did not work out, and BMW clarified that the M760i will remain the most powerful 7-Series. The name M9 has been rumored for years and again, nothing has happened. But things are different now, as the entire industry is rapidly moving towards electrification.

BMW is fully aware of the impending reality: combustion engines are a thing of the past. This will not happen overnight, but rather in years, but it will definitely happen. The new BMW i4 and iX are just the beginning of the electric era for BMW. In 2025, the CLAR architecture of these models will be replaced by a dedicated platform for electric vehicles.

But let’s stop looking at the future of electric vehicles for a moment and go back to the present or near future. It looks like BMW’s famous M division has a couple of interesting and top-secret projects in the works. Foreign media found a couple of trademark filings with the Philippine Intellectual Property Office for the M7 and M9 names.

It is possible that BMW M has changed its mind and will still bring the idea of ​​the M7 to life. Perhaps this is, of course, just a guess, but in the meantime, development of the next generation BMW 7-Series is already underway. This could be the last 7-Series with an internal combustion engine, and if so, it’s possible that BMW will want to do its best, and the M7 will certainly do the trick.

As for the M9, who knows. Recently, spies photographed a hardcore M8 CSL prototype at the Nurburgring. Sources say it will be powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine paired with electric motors for a total output of around 700bhp. The current M8 has a maximum of 617 hp. The fact is that the M8 CSL engine could also serve as a test bed for a new powerplant that could find its way to the M9. Air intakes instead of rear windows also indicate something unique that the Bavarian automaker is working on. The documents do not say anything about the style of the body, although the likelihood of the appearance of a sedan is very high – all sedans of the company with internal combustion engines have names that contain odd numbers.