BMW received a penalty. Another dieselgate?

BMW received a penalty. Another dieselgate?

February 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to official representatives of the Bavarian brand, they did not deliberately understate the results of the estimated emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

BMW was fined 9.65 million dollars. What did not guess the manufacturer of prestigious cars? The fact is that the sale of diesel cars of the brand, which produced more emissions than they were allowed, was recorded.

Unlike other scandals associated with harmful emissions of diesel fuel into the atmosphere, BMW is not punished for having deceived its customers, but only for making a mistake.

According to Reuters, the Bavarian company installed the wrong engine management software for 7,965 vehicles, and it was this misstep that led to emissions exceeding the planned volumes.

“The Munich prosecutor’s office has imposed a fine of 8.5 million euros for an administrative offense related to negligence in quality control,” the investigators said in a statement. “The erroneous marking of a piece of software to monitor engine performance responsible for treating exhaust gases caused erroneous emissions results.”

The investigation into the BMW case began last year due to suspicions of using the so-called “defeat” device, much the same as the one in which the German concern Volkswagen had previously been convicted.