BMW recalls some motorcycles due to caliper problems

BMW recalls some motorcycles due to caliper problems

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Bad news for owners of some BMW motorcycles. The German manufacturer recalls several models due to corrosion of the front and rear calipers, which can lead to jamming or displacement of the pistons.

The revocation campaign applies to the following models:

  •     BMW G310R (2017-2020),
  •     BMW G310GS (2018-2020),
  •     BMW C400X (2019)

According to documents published in the NHTSA, prolonged exposure to various factors (low temperatures, moisture, some environmental features) can lead to damage to the unanodized seats of the caliper pistons.

The recall campaign starts in the United States, where the manufacturer withdraws 5,938 units. Local dealers must replace calipers for free. Calipers, most likely, were produced at one factory and put on equipment supplied to different countries, that is, it would not hurt the owners of these models in other countries to check with their dealer. In addition, other reviews may appear, as it is unlikely that only BMW used these calipers.