BMW recalls maxi scooters

BMW recalls maxi scooters

April 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American division of BMW Motorrad recalls the BMW C600 Sport / C650 Sport (2013-2018) and BMW C650 GT (2013-2019) maxi scooters.

In total, 2,707 units are withdrawn.

Problem: as a result of constant steering turns to the left possible damage to the brake hose, fluid leakage. If the pressure drops in the system, the brakes will work ineffectively or will fail altogether.

The NHTSA review is marked as critical.

In the United States, certified dealers will make a free inspection and replace the brake hose, and install a protective casing.

All scooters are manufactured in one factory, so it is important for owners in other countries to pay attention.