BMW R 1200 GS ConnectedRide: a unique autonomous motorcycle

BMW R 1200 GS ConnectedRide: a unique autonomous motorcycle

September 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian concern demonstrated a unique development – the working concept of the unmanned motorcycle ConnectedRide, built on the basis of the famous model BMW R 1200 GS. The model is operational, and her work was shown on video.

On the official channel of the company BMW in YouTube there was a new video demonstrating the work of an unmanned system on a motorcycle. The test prototype was built on the basis of the popular model BMW R 1200 GS, and received its own name ConnectedRide. The most interesting thing is that the main goal of this project is exactly an unmanned system, and not a motorcycle capable of moving independently.

Of course, along the way, new active safety systems for motorcycles are being developed and developed. As the company said, “We will prove that motorcycles can be as safe as cars.” Thus, the active cruise control systems, the assistance system and the autonomous emergency stop on the motorcycle are being finalized, the blind areas are monitored and the lanes are out of bounds.

As a result, BMW can produce the most technologically advanced motorcycle, which has a third-level drone, capable of independently traveling on highways. Will this system be an additional option for many models, or will it be exclusive only for future models.

At the moment, the test model is the BMW R 1200 GS model. This model is equipped with a four-stroke opposed engine with liquid cooling and two camshafts. The working volume of the engine is 1.17 liters, and its power is equal to 125 horsepower and 125 Nm of torque. With a weight of 238 kg – this is an impressive result.

So far, the company is not ready to report any specific dates for the appearance of the new system in the series. But, like all the next technical innovations – this should not wait until 2022.

In the meantime, BMW introduced a new hybrid version of the BMW X5, which was called xDrive45e iPerformance, and in comparison with the predecessor X5 xDrive40e is equipped with a six-cylinder engine against turbo-four.