BMW published a teaser of the iNEXT electric crossover

BMW published a teaser of the iNEXT electric crossover

August 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Bavarian company is positioning its electric crossover as a technological flagship. Now in full swing are testing the new items, which will receive an electric motor of the 5th generation and an autopilot of the third level.

After the first teaser images of the electric crossover of the German BMW brand, the model was called iNEXT, released in March, May and July of this year, the novelty again appears before us. This time, the press service of the company published a new series of photos showing prototypes of the model in camouflage.

We inform you that these copies were made at the company’s experimental plant in the center of the BMW Research and Innovation Center and will be used for road tests and preparation for the actual mass production.

BMW’s main goal is to assemble an electric car on the same assembly line as conventional cars with an internal combustion engine and plug-in hybrid engines.

“Preparing an all-electric crossover for mass production is a difficult task,” the plant manager commented. “By the time the production officially starts, we will manufacture up to 100 BMW iNEXT prototypes. Until then, the pilot plant will use a number of innovations to further optimize and accelerate the necessary processes. ”

The new BMW iNEXT will be essentially the electric counterpart to the mid-size X5. Currently, brand engineers are in full swing developing a fifth-generation BMW electric powerplant with an estimated range of 600 km. INEXT will become the “flagship of technology” for the automaker and will support Level 3 autopilot (conditional automation). The car will go on sale as a crossover model year 2021.