BMW published a photo from the test electric crossover iNext

BMW published a photo from the test electric crossover iNext

February 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The flagship electric crossover of the Bavarian company is being tested in conditions of scorching temperatures in South Africa. Engineers of the brand check the performance of all systems of the future flagship SUV.

BMW is going to introduce a very large number of electrified, including all-electric, models. This should begin this year with the iX3 crossover, which is essentially the same compact X3, under the hood of which is a fully electric power plant.

Next year will be shown the new flagship crossover iNext. The electric novelty is a continuation of the concept of the same name shown in 2018.

 In the meantime, the iNext prototype is being tested in very hot conditions, whereas earlier, the car was tested in the cold climate of Arjeplog in Sweden.

BMW not only evaluates the performance of test cars in hot weather, but also closely monitors how they behave when working with sand, pebbles and gravel.

BMW is also testing the iNext at the Nurburgring racetrack, as well as in France at its own testing ground to make sure that the electric crossover will have its status as the most advanced electric car in the world.

In this final test cycle, the prototypes are exposed to solar heat for many hours, and then they are cooled so that they can evaluate how the electrical system works and observe how temperature fluctuations affect the materials used in the cabin.

 It goes without saying that BMW also wants to make sure that dust does not get inside the passenger compartment, even after traveling thousands of kilometers on dirt roads. These harsh conditions are also good for testing batteries, electric motors and cooling systems, as well as how the air conditioner faces extremely high temperatures in South Africa.