BMW promised the imminent debut of “stunning” model

BMW promised the imminent debut of “stunning” model

November 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW 4-Series family will soon be replenished with a liftback

In the new generation BMW 4 Series line, which already includes a coupe and a convertible, the Gran Coupe liftback will appear “very soon”, which was promised a “stunning” appearance.

In an interview with the Australian edition of GoAuto, BMW chief designer Christopher Wile and 4-Series project manager Andreas Ederer promised the imminent debut of the “stunning” 4 Series Gran Coupe. Wile noted that despite the different roofline and the increased number of doors, the new model in design will be much closer to the fourth series coupe than to the third sedan. The new Gran Coupe 4 series will differ from the “three-point” and the consumer audience – the car is designed for those who think differently. Buyers of the new “Grand Coupe” in BMW see people with a rebellious character, like the owners of two-doors, but at the same time needing a more practical body.

Vile described the design of the future newest car as “very muscular and very elegant”, emphasizing that the model turned out to be “stunning”. Ederer added that the 4-Series Gran Coupe will premiere “very soon” and noted that the model will not get the plug-in hybrid version that the 3 Series sedan and station wagon have.