BMW proceeded to test the 4-Series convertible

BMW proceeded to test the 4-Series convertible

March 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The 4-Series Coupe will be introduced later this year as the 2020 model. Well, the cabriolet version will be shown soon next year, the car will relate to the 2021 model year.

Foreign publications published “spy” photos of the upcoming BMW 4-Series convertible a couple of minutes ago. The prototype of the Bavarian novelty still has not gotten rid of its camouflage film. It is noteworthy that in the presented pictures there are two different prototypes of the new car, which differed from each other in the rear part.

One car has simple round tailpipes of the exhaust system, while the other uses trapezoidal ones, not unlike what you find on the older 6- and 8-Series Coupes. We do not believe that one of these cars is a high-performance car from the sports division of BMW M. Most likely, the automaker’s engineers simply test different types of exhaust manifolds.

In any case, we expect the 4-Series Convertible to be more than just a copy of the 3-Series sedan. To separate the sedan from the coupe, the guys from BMW put in for it all sorts of design elements borrowed from the older coupe and the new Z4 roadster.

In particular, behind the camouflage is the grille, which is made on the basis of Z4, only a little thinner and wider compared to the same 3-Series.

Of course, the more important news is that the next 4-series cabriolet will return to the fabric roof – the folding hardtop will disappear. This will help the new product to lose a fair amount of weight, which is also due to the new CLAR platform. Under the hood most likely will be the same 3.0-liter 382-horsepower engine, which is used in the new generation of the 3rd series and the Z4 roadster.