BMW presented iRace Kit for S1000RR

BMW presented iRace Kit for S1000RR

April 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Motorcycle division of the famous company BMW Motorrad has developed a racing kit for the superbike, which will help the newcomers to master it.

Some models of motorcycles are designed for experienced riders who are not afraid of speed and are willing to take risks. And such models scare newbies. But with the iRace Kit, which upgrades the S1000RR motorcycle software with a 207 hp engine. and weighing 193.5 kg, introducing an autonomous system into it, the management will become more reliable and obedient.

iRace allows you to perform any maneuver during acceleration, braking, taxiing or shifting gears fully automatically at the request of the pilot. The software supports GPS with a library of data on all tracks of the Superbike. The system has four driving modes: Beginner, Sportsman, Advanced and Unlimited. The first one, “Beginner”, is not difficult to guess what is intended for beginners. With him, the pilot can go the track eight seconds slower than the current world championship record. The second, “Athlete”, provides for the location of braking points later than in the first mode. In it, you can feel a sharper damper response and fast acceleration at the exit of corners. Before the record – more than 5 seconds.

The third mode, “Advanced”, for more experienced pilots. It allows you to brake later and reject the bike more. The backlog of record time is 1.5 seconds. The fourth, “Unlimited”, will suit pilots in good physical shape. With him you can try to exceed the record time. The start of sales of the kit is scheduled for September.