BMW offers wireless upgrades for some models.

BMW offers wireless upgrades for some models.

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All cars equipped with the BMW 7.0 operating system can now use the features of the remote software update, which the Bavarian brand recently announced.

Software upgrades “over the air” have long been no longer something new in the automotive industry, especially for manufacturers such as Tesla. BMW is finally introducing this feature for some of its models.

The new feature will keep the vehicle’s operating system up to date. The first update includes the Intelligent Personal Assistant system, “whose range of intellectual functions can now be expanded after the next update.”

Other updates currently available mainly affect driver assistance systems, such as active cruise control and side collision protection. In addition, and we are ready to bet, updates will allow customers to find, activate and use new features from the BMW ConnectedDrive Store.

Wireless software upgrades are available for the new X5 crossover, as well as the 3-Series sedan / wagon and the 8-Series flagship coupe.

All are equipped with the latest BMW 7.0 operating system with factory-integrated remote software update system. The company promises to “regularly expand and improve” a range of updates and constantly develop the skills of an intelligent personal assistant. All this, of course, will be free.

Other automotive manufacturers that offer wireless software updates, in addition to Tesla, include such brands as Opel, Audi, Volvo, Ford and others. Most of these companies provide updates that target the non-critical features of the infotainment system or new applications.