BMW moves production of its engines to the UK

BMW moves production of its engines to the UK

November 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The management of the Bavarian company has decided to completely transfer the production of its engines to its assembly plants in the UK, as BMW’s German factories will be busy assembling electric vehicles.

The production facilities of the Bavarian brand, which are located in Munich, and where the assembly of four-, six-, eight- and 12-cylinder engines takes place, will soon be completely converted for the production of electric vehicles. It is reported that the 8 and 12-cylinder engines will eventually be assembled in England, with 4- and 6-cylinder production being moved to Steyr, Austria.

The i4 will be mass-produced in Munich, while the company’s other German factories in Dingolfing and Regensburg will produce all-electric versions of the 5 and 7 Series, as well as the X1 electric crossover, respectively. The Dingolfing plant will double its workforce to 2,000, while the Munich plant will also require an investment of € 400 million to help it switch to electric vehicles.

Combustion engine production will remain in Germany for the time being, while the Mini Countryman will be built in Leipzig along with its electric counterpart.

“By the end of 2022, all of our German factories will be producing at least one all-electric vehicle,” said Milan Nedelkovic, BMW board member responsible for production.

The decision was also boosted by new investments of € 3 billion from the German government to promote low-emission vehicles, as well as the announcement by the UK government of plans to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2030. BMW also plans to cut its own costs by nearly £ 500 million by the end of the year.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the new BMW M5 CS will receive 635 hp. and will debut in December. The high-performance German novelty, which will receive a powerful 635-horsepower engine and lose 70 kg in weight, will be officially presented in December this year. The BMW M5 CS will be slightly more powerful than the BMW M5 Competition.