BMW Motorsport outbids WRT Audi DTM manager

BMW Motorsport outbids WRT Audi DTM manager

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Now, the former Audi employee Maurizio Leshutta will be in charge of the brand’s sports team. He will lead the team in the season of next year.

The BMW Motorsport sports team set out to show themselves seriously in the 2020 season. For this, the Bavarian concern outbid the manager of the WRT Audi DTM team Maurizio Leshutta. Prior to joining Audi, he also worked on the Ferrari Formula 1 sports teams. At a roundtable in Munich, BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt said that Leshutta is perfect for the DTM team.

“With Maurizio Leshutta, we have a new manager who will manage the DTM next year,” said Marquardt. “We will form a team around him. Intensive work will begin in the following weeks and months. He has vast experience in motorsport. I think that we had and have experts in all areas, but we need a new leader. “

 BMW currently has two teams and six sports cars. As the head of the sports division noted, it is the new manager who will be able to extract the maximum from all assets.

After the active start of BMW in the 2019 DTM series, she was not able to develop an active advantage. Audi abruptly began to dominate the championship, and was able to score 582 points more than BMW.